Press Release

Indian Prime Minister Lauds KEF Approach to Sustainable, Technology-Driven Construction

August 21st, 2015

Banglore-India: 20 August, 2015 – As part of an exclusive Indian investors meet led by the Indian Prime Minister during his maiden visit to the UAE, His Excellency Narendra Modi applauded KEF Founder and Chairman Faizal E. Kottikollon’s work towards spearheading technology-driven construction at the world’s largest off-site manufacturing facility, the INR 650 Crore KEF Industrial Park located in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu.
As part of his mandate to build 50 million units of affordable housing by 2022, the Prime Minister of India expressed his desire to visit the manufacturing unit to explore the benefits of this innovative technology. 
Addressing Indian investors and Emirati companies in Abu Dhabi in a roundtable organized by the Ambassador of India to the UAE, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that infrastructure and real estate development are key ingredients to India’s progress. He also remarked that entrepreneurs like Faizal Kottikollon possessed the technology and strategy to help make this vision a reality, and to deliver speedy results without compromising on quality and strength.
Commenting on his meeting with the Indian Prime Minister, Faizal Kottikollon, said: “KEF’s vision for a developed India is very much aligned with Prime Minister Modi’s ideals of technology in infrastructure driving powerful change. This is the reason we bring the most advanced technological developments from across the globe, and leverage it to reinforce the foundation of our public infrastructure, housing, educational and healthcare system. For me personally, it has been a privilege to share the KEF vision with my country’s dynamic leader, and a rare honor to receive his support. The Prime Minister’s vision for a new India is ambitious, but definitely achievable through collaboration and shared expertise. We believe this will change the construction landscape in India. By implementing technology and manufacturing into the infrastructure sector we will see incremental benefits in skill, speed and scale.”
KEF Holdings, a UAE-based multinational holding company that specializes in off-site construction technology, is applying principles of industrial manufacturing to construction and incorporating robotic systems and Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing – which eliminates wastage while reducing time and costs significantly. The quality produced in offsite construction is much higher than traditional in-situ construction. The company is successfully implementing this innovation to build or renovate housing, schools and smarter healthcare facilities across India and the Middle East.
In 2013, Kottikollon partnered with the Kerala government in 2013 to rebuild a girls’ state school within 90 days, as part of his mission to improve the quality of public education institutions in India. Following its success, KEF’s philanthropic arm – the Faizal and Shabana Foundation, will collaborate with public and private entities to transform some 100 schools in the state under a project called ‘Mission 100.’