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Faizal Kottikollon highlights importance of hospital design to promote patient safety at Oman Health Expo 2019

September 25th, 2019

Hospital design plays a central role in driving patient safety, and must be considered as an integral part of the healthcare infrastructure development approach, said Faizal E. Kottikollon, Founder & Chairman of KEF Holdings, which now owns and operates its flagship Meitra Hospital in Kozhikode, Kerala.

Addressing the 2019 Oman Health Exhibition & Conference, Mr. Kottikollon said every hospital should aim to provide enhanced patient safety and experience through uncompromised clinical care and infrastructure while maintaining transparency and high ethical standards. He underlined the importance of promoting patient safety through thoughtful hospital designs that requires careful planning and evidence-based design research.

The 2019 Oman Health Exhibition & Conference, held at Oman Health Exhibition & Conference, highlights the continued development of the healthcare sector in the country. Now in its ninth year, the event provides a platform for medical professionals, traders, and decision makers of the health and wellness industry to collaborate and showcase their expertise.

Mr. Kottikollon said: “The physical environment has a significant impact on safety and human performance at hospitals. By optimising the design of Meitra Hospital, we have been able to unlock unprecedented benefits for the patients, as well as set a new model in healthcare infrastructure development. Meitra’s design focuses on seven critical factors including patient centricity, safety, and effectiveness. With Meitra Hospital, our vision has been to transform healthcare in India, and we have already set industry benchmarks. Using prefabrication, we built the 450,000 square feet tertiary care facility in a record 18 months – less than half the time typically taken to set up a hospital of this scale anywhere in the world.”

For the hospital, said Mr. Kottikollon, “we collaborated with leading healthcare experts. For design, we utilised the world’s top healthcare design firm to bring in best-in-class design practices. We manufactured the building in KEF’s offsite manufacturing facility and brought in a care path model under the guidance of Cleveland Clinic. We invested a significant amount of time and resources in a design that ensured the highest level of patient safety and care.”

Mr. Kottikollon said that the prefabricated modular design helped achieve several advantages including standardisation, which reduces reliance on short-term memory and allows those unfamiliar with a specific process or design to use it safely.
KEF Holdings is transforming the healthcare sector by making global healthcare accessible through Meitra Hospital. With its patient-centric design, prefabricated manufacturing and technology integrated processes, Meitra demonstrates how global healthcare can be made available at world-class quality and service standards. Meitra Hospital has an unwavering focus on quality standards and is one of the few hospitals in India to be accredited by the NABH (Constituent Board of Quality Control in India) within two years of its operations. Today, Meitra receives patients from across India as well as the Middle East, especially the GCC countries.

About Meitra Hospital:
Meitra Hospital, Calicut, offers unparalleled clinical care, backed by expertise in almost all medical disciplines in South India. This newly established hospital provides patients with Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Healthcare as well as a network of facilities that is conducive for good health. Translating breakthroughs in Science and Technology into patient care, the Meitra team comprises of skilled, innovative, and passionate doctors with centres of excellence in Cardiology (heart & vascular care), Orthopaedics (bone & joint care) & Neurosciences. The 220 bedded hospital currently includes 52 individual ICU suites which is first of its kind in our country, along with 7 operation theatres with front line sophisticated equipment and monitoring systems. The expansion includes a 4,32,000 square-foot area catering to 500 beds eventually spread over 6.5 acres. The elements of today’s best designs have been incorporated to improve patient care. Multi cuisine restaurants, pharmacy, entertainment and business centres and other retail opportunities to make Meitra more than just a hospital.

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