Welcome to KEF. We are on a mission to impact positive change in the world, especially developing nations. We want to empower communities around us. And we want to be innovative and practical in our approach.

If you have a will to achieve, an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for innovation… we are looking for you.

Passion for Excellence

KEF has a culture of passion, drive, commitment, integrity and innovative thinking. It is influenced by our founders and the Leadership team whose value systems are imbibed even by the youngest employee at KEF. We are never short of opportunities for people with the right skills, experience, aptitude and attitude.

Diversity in the Workplace

A long-term and successful business in a multicultural world can be sustained only by understanding, adapting and operating within the diverse nature of the communities and audiences we serve. By making our workplace environment inclusive, and leveraging skills, perspectives and ideas we are able to connect with our consumers effectively.

We achieve this by hiring people who relate to our vision and passion. We believe in giving importance to passion, commitment, smartness, determination and experience. By providing the right amount of visibility opportunities, we identify, nurture and develop top talent with leadership potential. A mindset that contributes to community and environment as a way of working is crucial for us.

Equal Opportunities

We believe in diversity of background, experience and interest while hiring potential employees. Professional competence is the cornerstone of our hiring, employment and promotion policies. Providing a work environment that provides all our associates with equal access to information, development and opportunity is our foremost priority. We also constantly strive to achieve gender balance in our work environment, providing equal opportunities to women.

Applicants are considered regardless of race, colour, religion, veteran status, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy status, sex, age, marital status, physical disability, medical condition, sexual orientation or any other characteristics protected by law and discrimination on any of these grounds is strictly forbidden.

Open Communication and Honest Feedback

Transparent and open conversations are conducive to a healthy working atmosphere. We make it a point to enable a platform for expression and actively listen to views, ideas or problems presented by our people. We also encourage healthy and constructive criticism between employees. By allowing free expression we are able to identify and assess any lapses in the working protocol and realign people to the common goal.

If you feel you are the right match for us, browse the jobs posted on the KEF Career Portal and make your application online. Please note that we cannot accept a paper or email version of your resume. Hence, set up an online account and follow the instructions to apply to any open position.

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