At KEF, we are on a mission to impact positive change in the world and live and foster a culture of passion, commitment, integrity and innovative thinking. By making our workplace environment inclusive, we leverage skills, perspectives and ideas from diverse talents. We believe that this diversity will be the cornerstone of our company’s long-term success.

Our Principles

  • Vidya Karigirivasan
    At KEF, "How you think" is valued more than "What you already know". The recruitment process as well as career advancement hinges on this ideology. This has been critical in inculcating the innovation culture in the organization. Irrespective of your experience level or background, you are encouraged to ideate and implement solutions within the company which is vital for any organization to remain competitive. Vidya Karigirivasan, Senior Analyst - Strategic Planning and Monitoring
  • Hassan Witwit
    Working with a group of global dedicated professionals is an experience of no match. KEF is a place that gives you the opportunity to explore and implement various innovative solutions to make a difference through technology. There is no limit for where we can reach. Hassan Witwit, Architect and BIM Coordinator
  • Priya Nair
    KEF is a great place to work because it brings together people with varied experiences who want to put their best foot forward and excel individually while raising the bar for themselves and others. Their collective focus is to achieve the vision of the organization, adding many shades of their own to it.
    Priya Nair, Investment Manager
Employee Testimonial
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