From evidence-based clinical care approach to cutting edge disruptive healthcare technologies and modular construction methodology, KEF Health touches upon every aspect of the design to build process and extends far beyond in terms of efficient and effective operation, maintenance and evaluation of the healthcare system. The goal is simple – to use modern technologies and methodologies to make premium healthcare services accessible to a larger expanse of people.

Healthcare Infrastructure - A Scientific, Cutting-Edge Approach

Growing evidence advocates the fact that physical environment impacts patient stress, patient and staff safety, staff effectiveness, patient satisfaction and quality of care provided in hospitals.

KEF Health advocates evidence-based clinical care to reduce variability, and consistently improve efficiencies of outcomes at a lower cost through designing optimal, evidence-based care paths. In developed markets, offsite and modular construction is fast replacing one-off design and conventional healthcare construction methodologies.

Recent years have seen the emergence of large-scale manufacturing, installation and assembly of high quality, affordable hospital units off-site. With modular healthcare construction, KEF expects to turnaround the economies in the healthcare sector, enabling a system of rapid delivery of affordable healthcare facilities.

Cutting edge, disruptive healthcare technologies support the delivery of effective and affordable healthcare to everyone, including the underserved segments of society. KEF Health invests in technologies that positively impact the cost of diagnosis and management of many major health problems that afflict millions globally.

Our Pilot Project

Meitra is KEF Holding's pilot healthcare project – a 500 bed tertiary hospital, which is currently nearing completion and is being built in two phases.
The hospital is set to be India's first healthcare facility designed and built completely offsite. The first phase of the project with 205 beds is scheduled for completion in Q4 of 2016, less than two years since the beginning of construction on the project as compared to the four to five year industry average that it generally takes to build a healthcare facility using conventional construction methods.
KEF has invested INR 390 crores to build the hospital in Calicut. The total area of the hospital is 300,000 sq. ft.

KEF Health has partnered with strategic organizations like Cleveland Clinic and Australian medical planning and design firm TAHPI to bring about revolutionary changes to the healthcare industry. The hospital will be a Centre of Excellence for the following specializations:

  • Cardiology & Cardio surgery
  • Orthopaedic & Traumatology
  • Neurology & Neurosurgery

Because We Care

Patient comfort and convenience is at the core of KEF Health's business philosophy. We use the proprietary 'KEF Care Model', an evidence-based design concept to bring about a revolution in healthcare. The aim is to create better hospitals that help patients recover faster, improve staff retention, enhance staff performance, and make hospitals trusted places for imparting medical and surgical care. The KEF Care Model is based on a three-pronged approach:

  • Evidence-based Care Pathways:

    Doctors and hospitals use technology and proven guidelines to deliver care that is appropriate and effective. This will not only improve efficiency of outcomes but also reduce variability in the quality of healthcare.

  • Physician engagement model:

    This system integrates doctors with other members of the healthcare system and rewards them for controlling costs and improving quality. Identified as an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), the doctors are made answerable for the outcomes and expenditures of their assigned teams and are encouraged to collaboratively work towards reaching cost and quality targets. This process effectively reduces the need for star doctors and personalizes treatment by ensuring the right medication, depending upon the degree of ailment, patient physique and immunity. This ensures better health and faster recovery.

  • Patient experience:

    This guideline ensures comprehensive care coordination that will allow patients to receive the best medical attention while reducing possibilities of inappropriate hospitalization and unnecessary emergency room visits. Patient experience will also be enhanced through influencing decisions about the built environment and facility design, based on credible research evidences.

The Advisory Board

The healthcare vertical of our business sees hands on guidance from its Founder and Chairman Faizal Kottikollon and Vice Chairperson Shabana Faizal. KEF Health has an advisory board formed to drive, develop and implement its unique KEF Care Model. Sitting on the board are eminent physicians, healthcare management and technology leaders from Cleveland Clinic, in the Middle East and India

Dr. Douglas Johnston, Cardiac Surgeon of Cleveland Clinic

An eminent cardiac surgeon leading many improvement initiatives and care pathways in the Heart and Vascular Institute of Cleveland Clinic, Dr Douglas Johnston sits on the board of leading medical device technology companies.

Dr. Wael Barsoum, President of Cleveland Clinic Florida

A leading anthroplastic surgeon and the chair of surgical operations at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr Wael Barsoum sits on the board of governance of Cleveland Clinic and some reputed research and healthcare technology firms.

Dr. Mani Arunachalam, Cardiologist

An international cardiologist Dr Mani Arunachalam has worked with Apollo Hospitals in India and subsequently pursued his MBA from Wharton. He made a career shift to healthcare management and sits on the advisory board of many healthcare companies in the US and India.